Occupation Theraphy

Our Occupational therapists develop specific problem-solving strategies to help ensure the patient’s independence in day-to-day activities. Depending on the patient’s needs, these may include modifying the patient’s environment, training the patient in the use of assistive devices and equipment such as orthotics (splints) to improve functional performance and helping the patient manage his or her energy.

"Occupational therapy practitioners help people live life to its fullest-no matter what. They provide practical solutions for success in everyday living and help people alter how they arrange their daily activities to maximize function, vitality, and productivity."

How We Heal

At Livewell, our trained nurses organise structured programs that set goals for individual patients based on their injury record and improve their mobility and diagnose them in a structured way.

Occupation Theraphy

Doctors and nurses in our Spinal Cord Innovation Center provide specialized rehabilitation & care. Our state-of-the-art Ability Labs infuse science into treatment and therapy. The goal: helping you get your life back.


Muscle tightness, contractures and deformity issues due to spinal cord injuries or neural damage, are treated with everyday physical activities.

Higher cortical functions

In order to understand higher cortical functions,Brain injuries can leave one with higher cortical functional disorders, which are diagnosed with care and therapy.

Range - of - Motion

Spinal Injuries can restrict one's ability to move significant body parts like arms and legs. We at Livewell provide treatment to improve the mobility of these parts..

Activities of living

A spinal injury or brain injury can severely hamper everyday functional activities. We organise specialised training to ensure the activities can be performed again. .

Our doctors, therapists and scientists are leaders in their fields. We bring together these experts with the most advanced medical research and technology to give you superior care and the greatest chance for your best outcome.