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LiveWell - Vision and Mission

Livewell is a leading neurorehabilitation centre that provides holistic and innovative treatments to patients who suffer from neural diseases, accidental brain injuries and trauma, Parkinson’s disease and stroke.

Vision: Enhancing and enlightening the lives

Mission: To provide to the individual and family, with the skills to attain the highest possible level of independence



Restoring physical fitness and enhancing a patient’s mobility and bodily functions through state of the art treatment is a major part of our physiotherapy department. Physiotherapy helps through physical rehabilitation, injury prevention, and health and fitness.

Occupational Therapy

Enhancing health and wellbeing of people who have gone through some accidental trauma and neural injuries through daily activities is called occupational therapy. Occupational therapy offered at Livewell is a goal based treatment program which is constantly assessed on the progress made by the patient.

Speech Pathology

Speech Pathologists identify speech disorders that happen neurologically or genetically or through accidental trauma and rectify it through various exercises and practises. With a vast amount of experience, our therapists deploy traditional and unconventional techniques to enhance speech and language development.


Our inhouse nursing team is well equipped in handling physical ailments and provides the right mental boost to accelerate the healing process.

Social Work

Through assessment and interventions in the areas of psycho-social functioning and discharge planning, our team of social workers help the client and the family overcome the qualms of mental stress.

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Stroke is a complex and serious medical ion that can impair speech, motion, the thinking process, memory and the ability to carry out a wide range of functions that were once taken for granted as part of everyday life.

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It is a degenerative disorder of the central nervous system mainly affecting the motor system. Early in the course of the disease, the most obvious symptoms are movement-related; these include shaking, rigidity, slowness of movementand difficulty with walking and gait. Later, thinking and behavioural problems may arise, with dementia commonly occurring in the advanced stages of the disease, and depression being the most common psychiatric symptom. Other symptoms include sensory,sleep, and emotional problems.

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The ability to return home and to the community with the highest degree of lifelong independence is possible even after a spinal cord injury, with a minimized risk for secondary complications, when supported by inpatient rehabilitation. The health professionals who make up our multidisciplinary team of physiatrist, nurses, therapists, social workers, case managers, and other physician specialists also have extensive experience and skills in the area of spinal cord injury rehabilitation.

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We treat patients with exaggerated reflexes, floppy or rigid limbs and involuntary motions. These appear by early childhood. People may experience Muscular: abnormality walking, difficulty walking, difficulty with bodily movements, increased muscle activity, involuntary movements.

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The first symptoms of Gullaine–Barré syndrome are numbness, tingling, and pain, alone or in combination. This is followed by weakness of the legs and arms that affects both sides equally and worsens over timed The weakness can take half a day to over two weeks to reach maximum severity, and then becomes steady.In one in five people, the weakness continues to progress for as long as four weeks.

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Brain injury, whether traumatic or acquired, can take many forms and affect human function in many ways, including memory, physical abilities, cognitive (thinking) abilities, behaviour, decision making and more. Within this wide continuum of symptoms and severity, our Rehabilitation Centre offers an in-depth and comprehensive program.

It's a beautiful place with well-experienced therapists. My cousin was admitted at Livewell. She was unable to use her right hand and right leg. After coming here within 3 weeks I was amazed she was able to walk and move her hand correctly. It's quite an amazing place that changed my cousin life. Thanks to all the therapist of Livewell.

-Maheesha Mohan-

Beautiful and peaceful place. Just 23km from Madurai, on Sivagangai road. Staff and therapist are so kind. It is located in middle of coconut and mango thoppu. Sunday is holiday. From Monday to Saturday 9 to 5 working hours. More than 20 therapist are available for Physio, Occupational Therapy. Tariff also affordable.

-Karthikeyan Sambasivam-

My mom was admitted in Livewell due to paralysed right hand and right leg. She couldn’t speak, move her right hand and right leg. With efforts of the therapists in Livewell, my mom is able to speak, walk and use her hands now. I would appreciate and give 5 stars to the therapists Kalaimani, Muthulakshmi, Jeya, Gokul. Without their efforts and help, my mom would not have recovered completely.

-Anjugam V-

I met with an accident 4 years ago. I was diagnosed to have spinal cord injury. Underwent surgery following physiotherapy in home itself for about 1.5 years. Physically I recovered but psychologically I was demotivated. I heard about Livewell Rehab Centre from one of my friend and came to Livewell 3 weeks back for rehabilitation. After coming here I become highly motivated following the exercises and counselling. I'm very thankful to all the doctors, nurse and physiotherapists.


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